ANVIL founder Nadezhda Grishaeva – how to open a fitness club that is different from others

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Original design, advanced training equipment, professional team of trainers and its own community Nadezhda Grishaeva, a professional athlete and founder of ANVIL, told us what the premium fitness club surprises its residents

ANVIL club founder Nadezhda Grishaeva member of the Russian national Olympic basketball team at the Olympic Games in London (2012), as a center she played for Moscow Dynamo, French Arras, Turkish Besiktas, as well as for the Russian national team. Nadezhda is used to working hard on herself and achieving high results and not only in sports. To open a premium fitness club unlike anything else on the market, This was the goal Nadezhda Grishaeva set for herself when she was still performing at the professional level. That's how ANVIL came into being fitness club with original brutal design, professional team of trainers, individual approach to each client, spa and cafe areas, and most importantly an atmosphere that can captivate a beginner and surprise a demanding client.

We met with Nadezhda to find out how ANVIL is fundamentally different from other fitness clubs, how to properly load the body and relax properly, and what can be the best motivation for doing sports.

Let's start with the name. How it appeared and what message it carries?

The choice of the name was one of the most crucial moments at the beginning, because it was important for me that it should reflect all the meanings, because what you name the ship will sail as it sails. I wanted to gather a real community, people who are fanatically in love with sport and for whom the activity is not just a routine in the daily schedule. That's how we came up with the idea to call the club ANVIL which is what it means in English anvil, a special tool, thanks to which hot metal can take completely different forms. This profound analogy can easily be drawn with the concept of our club. ANVIL it's the anvil, the content is special equipment, and our residents is the same metal. In other words, in our club everyone can forge the body of their dreams.

There were clubs that you looked up to and that served as role models?

For me it was important to make not just a beautiful and stylish place, there are plenty of such places in Moscow. Thanks to the fact that I've been in sports for a long time, I've had the opportunity to visit sports clubs in many different countries, and my impression is that they are all about the same in design, concept, and only a small number have their own philosophy and formed community. And that's when I got the idea to turn the idea of fitness upside down. To prove that sport it's not just exercise, it's inspiration, love for life. Whoever falls in love with sport stays loyal to it forever.

What makes ANVIL fundamentally different from the others??

Our club it is a place not only for the body, but also for the soul. Here you can hide from the hustle and bustle of the city, meet like-minded people and friends, spend time in a pleasant atmosphere and bring thoughts and feelings into harmony. This is the main feature: ANVIL about coziness, comfort, attention, everything that we lack in the big city. And then there's our club it's a real play of imagination. It surprises with its unconventionality and scale. The first thing you see when you enter, a huge marble staircase and curtains made of chains. How often have you seen this in everyday life and especially in sports clubs?? Add to that huge torches, murals, thousands of mirrors around the perimeter, a giant-sized fireplace In general, as I like to say, here you are immersed in a completely different reality. From the megalopolis you get to a place where imagination knows no bounds.


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Who was responsible for such an extraordinary design?

At first I wanted the club to resemble an abandoned castle, which brutal bikers have converted into a rocking chair. Then I thought of Alice in the Looking Glass. It would seem that two completely different concepts, but thanks to a professional designer they managed to combine them into one slender idea and it's very unusual. Three-meter mirrors, unique color of training machines (made to our order), lighting that changes the club literally beyond recognition. During the day ANVIL is flooded with sunshine, and in the evening the space is a theater of light and shadow. It emphasizes the beauty of the body, literally forcing you to admire yourself in countless mirrors, arranged around the club as if in a chaotic order.

How many people the club is designed for?

The total area of the club is 2000 square meters. м. It may sound immodest, but we do not chase the quantity, we care about quality and individual approach to each client.

Tell us more about the directions. Can we say that ANVIL is for everyone? for beginners and professionals?

In ANVIL everyone can find an activity to their liking. For professionals and those who have been in the sport for a long time, we chose Hammer Strength trainers those who are into it will definitely appreciate it. Main range this premium generation of Life Fitness machines. For those who prefer group classes, we have classes in the most popular areas: body pump, functional training, stretching, yoga, anti-gravity, Pilates (not only in a group, but also individually on special equipment). There is also ballet and incendiary Latin.

What classes would you recommend to start getting acquainted with the club??

Leave it to my team Our coaching staff will find exercises for beginners and for those who want to hit the gym at high weights. That's what our personalized service is all about Each resident is introduced to the club by a personal manager, who also selects the classes.


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Sport It's also a discipline. But we all know how hard it is sometimes to make ourselves go to the club. Share your best tips on how to motivate yourself.

People who work out constantly and know why they need it, do not need motivation. I advise beginners to reward themselves for each quality workout For example, a trip to the spa, a massage or a pleasant purchase. By the way, we have the Myzone system in our club An innovative gadget that, among other things, helps to keep motivation and control the load during exercise.

And also at the initial stage, it always helps to set the right goals. For example, you analyze your body composition, get recommendations on how to improve your performance, set a goal and come up with a reward (quite weighty) that you will get when you achieve these goals. The best part is that the process is so addictive that you will no longer need motivation, as the best motivation will be the great feeling of well-being, vigor and ease with which you start waking up in the morning.

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Share your experience of what helps you stay in perfect shape What kind of workouts, what kind of diet?

Balance is important in everything. I combine gym classes with yoga and Pilates, sometimes I just like to run on the treadmill, I pay special attention to stretching and MFR (myofascial release, a self-massage technique). RBC Style). I combine loads, as I understand for which indicators I need this or that workout. In the gym I strengthen my back and legs, in stretching I relax my muscles, in Pilates I work on stabilizer muscles, yoga helps me achieve harmony between body and mind.

It's the same with nutrition. I have been studying this topic for quite a while and today I am conscious about the choice of products and their quality. It's important to me that they contain micro and macronutrients, maintain a balance of vitamins and a ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. For me, food not so much about figure, but about health and self-love. But, by the way, I am a foodie, so in addition to all of the above, the food has to be very tasty.

How often do you need to train to get noticeable results?? What recommendations can you give from your experience?

First we have to figure out what that means always produces visible results, because everyone has different goals and expectations: for some people it is important to gain muscle mass (and this is usually more difficult), some people want to get rid of excess weight (in this case the frequency of training and clean eating works), for others it is important to increase flexibility (here diligence and natural flexibility play a role).

My main recommendation is that you first of all have to be comfortable in the beginning. Do not try to take large weights or walk on the track for two hours, a lot does not mean quality. Try to listen to your body. And of course, I always recommend going to a professional Under the guidance of an experienced trainer, you will achieve results much faster and without harming your body. Plus, a trainer always the best motivator.

You're a longtime athlete. But does sport always about strict restrictions? Is it possible to achieve high performance and still enjoy what you're doing??

Big sports, unfortunately, come with strict restrictions. But it has nothing to do with the sport we're talking about now. In big sports you don't always do everything based on your inner comfort, sometimes it's training for six hours twice a day for a long time. Often the body just doesn't have time to recover, but you have to practice because basketball it's about teamwork and total results. In a big sport you can't freely manage your personal time, family, studies and hobbies. Great sport is not part of life, it is life.

High results and pleasure this is the key to success, you have to get high from the process, the result and everything you do, not only in sports. This rule works in all areas of life. But don't forget about self-motivation and discipline: eating sweets at bedtime won't help you see the coveted six cubes any time soon.

I advise beginners to reward themselves for every quality workout like a trip to the spa or a nice shopping spree.

I'll start from afar. Those who start to get acquainted with sports think that in order to get good results, you have to limit yourself a lot in food. This is partly true, but many restrictions equate to a lack of flavor. And that's fundamentally wrong. I'll tell you what, you can even eat burgers and get results. My favorite chef Alexander Nevsky, who used to work in Michelin-starred restaurants in Italy, is responsible for the concept and menu of the cafe. He's a real catch, because his dishes are above reproach. And he fully supports and shares my nutritional philosophy and creates dishes that are in line with this concept.

What are your favorite dishes in its execution?

This is the most difficult question for me, because I am involved in the elaboration of each dish. I like all of them without exception, otherwise they would not be on the menu. But if I have to choose something, I will mention the trout tartare with avocado and mango sauce and the rainbow trout with crispy vegetables and broccoli.

ANVIL Spa another trend. Why it is important to let your body rest after exercise?

We have one body, so it's important to love it, thank it and reward it for what it gives us. If you think about it, our body every second performs many processes that we do not even think about. And what do we give it in return?? It's important to protect it and especially after sports to give the muscles and the body a chance to relax. It's how we love ourselves.

What treatments are particularly popular with your clients?

First place massages. We've got both manual and apparatus. Residents like both options equally. The manual one emphasizes relaxation, while after the hardware one, skin elasticity and tone are noticeably improved. That's why girls love it. It's worth mentioning the wraps after the massage After this treatment, the skin becomes smooth and soft. And, of course, we can't fail to mention the Russian sauna.

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Bathhouse a separate theme. How it's set up and what's unusual about it?

From the beginning, we had a concept dry of the club, that is, without a pool. Usually people come to the gym, and the pool is visited only a couple of times a year at best. So I decided to emphasize the gym, but at the same time, no one canceled quality rest after the workout. And suddenly I remembered what a real rebirth of body and soul I felt after a visit to a Russian bathhouse. That's how it appeared in the club and became a real place of strength. I immersed myself in and studied this issue as much as possible, and as a result, we chose to cover the kelo dry pine board, one of the most ecological and durable materials. We have also made vaulted ceilings (they hold the steam better) and a canopy in the center, which makes it convenient for the bath attendant to conduct steam bathing.

We use only natural herbs, the program includes steaming on a cushion of natural hay or fir. In addition, you can have a honey-salt peeling, mineral water dousing, washing with a bald mop or foot massage (real bliss). And as a compliment we serve our guests aromatic tea with honey and rusks.

What are your plans?

ANVIL turned out exactly as I imagined it. And now I am fully immersed in working on a new project, so soon we will be able to meet in another, no less beautiful location.

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