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More that 15 years, we have made the best Vineyard accessories in Stainless Steel Aisi 302. Our Vineyard accessories are specific for your Metal Post, Concrete Post and Wood Post. We supply different options and solutions for your Vineyard Planting. We supply a full line of products included in the whole Winegrowing’s branch.

Mollificio Effemme was established in Canelli in 1997. It was formed by “The Brusco Brothers“, Massimo & Liliana with the help of their father Serafino.

Mollificio Effemme is located in Canelli (Province of Asti, 100 km South of Turin) in some of Italians finest Wine Capitals, Barolo, Barbaresco and Barbera, right at the heart of Production of all Grape derived products.

We have been working in Wine growing industries for many years. We manufacture all kinds of vineyard accessories (lik

Our unique products minimize labour costs and simplify the whole process by implementing a self adapting mechanical structure to the vineyard. Our wide varieties of products are all made using materials of the highest quality. Our certified stainless steel springs, elastic components and oenological hardware are all designed to enable growers and vintners to achieve their vineyards full potential. With the use of our exclusive products, vineyards can expect to produce a premier wine-producing business. Our elastic and self adapting system allows grapes to grow unattended during the spring season.

The use of highly technological machineries, along with experienced and professional standards of the employees, warranty of the highest quality in craftsmanship, which allows elaboration of accessories for wine-growing and the system in general. Our firm also deals with Drinks Distributors, Chemical Compartments, Oil and Toys.

e: Spacers, Hooks, Ties for Vine-Shoot) which are used on the Vineyard Posts (Wooden, Iron & Concrete Poles). At the same time, we represent two Italian companies which distribute both stainless steel wires and Polyester wires.

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